2nd Largest Rubber Producing State

Largest producer of bamboo in North-Eastern India Tripura is primarily known for its agri-products such as bamboo, coffee, pineapple, cashew nut and tea. The state is also the largest producer of jackfruit and true potato seed (TPS) and the second-largest producer of rubber in India.

Rubber and tea-based industries form the prime share of the industrial base in the state, while cement and steel-based industries have recently witnessed developments. The state has established rubber and food parks to support existing and potential investors. Moreover, Tripura also has five industrial estates, a growth centre and an export promotion industrial park.

Tripura shares its international border with Bangladesh on three sides, running 856 km. A power surplus state, Tripura also supplies power to Bangladesh. Tripura Power Project is one of the biggest clean development mechanisms in the world. The infrastructure of the state provides smooth connectivity with rest of the country through a domestic airport in Agartala, road and rail network.