Largest Producer of Coal and Limestone in North-East India

Receives the highest amount of rainfall in India, 12m annually Meghalaya has a hydroelectric power potential of approximately 3,000 MW. The state has abundant deposits of coal, limestone, granite, quartz, kaolin feldspar, industrial clay and uranium. Meghalaya, located in North-East India, shares its border with Assam and Bangladesh.

The state is endowed with abundant natural resources in terms of flora, fauna, coal and limestone. Of the 6,000 medicinal plants in India, 834 plants including the famous Himalayan Yew, are found in Meghalaya. The state is home to 8 of the top 20 medicinal plants that are traded in India and are in high demand. Meghalaya, one of the most picturesque states in India, has two national parks and three wildlife sanctuaries. It offers many adventure tourism opportunities like mountaineering, rock climbing, water sports, and hiking and trekking, among others.

The state receives the highest rainfall in India and Cherrapunji is the wettest region in the world. Agro-processing, horticulture, tourism, minerals, electronics and IT have been identified as thrust sectors for development and promotion. The state provides excellent institutional support through various central and state government agencies such as North-East Council, Ministry of Development of North-Eastern Region and Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation.