Arunachal Pradesh

Largest hydropower potential in India of 50,328 MW

Largest among the 7 North-Eastern states of India

With an area of about 8.4 mn ha, Arunachal Pradesh shares its international border with Bhutan to the west (217 km), China to the North and North-East (1,080 km) and Myanmar to the East (520 km). The geographic location of the state provides immense opportunities for international trade with South Asian countries.

Major industries of the state include agriculture, art and crafts, weaving, cane and bamboo, horticulture, power and mineral-based industry. The state has one of the highest potentials for generating hydro-power in India. The state is endowed with an evergreen forest cover of over 82%. Rich flora and fauna of the state are characterized by 601 species of orchids and over 500 species of medicinal plants.